Thursday, March 24, 2016

Preliminary Proposal & Logistics for a participatory element for 2016 On The Line a Riverside, California based program

Preliminary Proposal           
I am proposing an open raffle as a participatory element for one of the 2016 On the Line one-day long exhibitions. The raffle concept will be in conjunction with the local community aspect of being held at a specific library site and the celebration of the statewide legislation to hang laundry in California. The raffle can also be viewed as a participatory element toward the engagement with discussion about laundry lines and understanding the On the Line exhibit.
The raffle will offer the opportunity for visitors of the On the Line outdoor exhibit to win the objects needed to personally participate in the statewide legislation. All the basic essentials to dry laundry outside will be the raffle prize. These objects include two packs of wooden clothespins, clothespin bag, a length of clothesline, two metal eyehooks (for hanging the clothesline) and a laundry basket. 

Preliminary Logistics
I am proposing a morning and an afternoon raffle drawing during the timeframe of the On the Line outdoor exhibit. The raffle timeframe can be for a half-hour to forty-five minutes before the drawing of the laundry line essential prize. The reasoning behind a short time frame for each raffle drawing is the timeframe of the one-day event and to include the public/ visitors that will be coming and going from the library site. This allows two chances to participate during the day event.
            The specific raffle times can be included with the marketing of the one-day event. During the event, students from University of California Riverside and/ or event volunteers can hand out free raffle tickets (1 per person) and communicate the prize, time and specifics of the raffle drawing as well as the art to be viewed/ corresponding events. Carrie will provide both prizes and raffle tickets. In addition, she will conduct the raffle drawing.   

Documentation and Archiving
            To document and archive this participatory element of On the Line, I (Carrie) will provide a text concerning the background and the participatory element of the event for the On the Line web presence. I would like to also collaborate with the person in the photo or video role of the exhibition to have images include with my text.   

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